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7. 4. 2009



My work is not criticizing of the conventional management way, or conflict solutions. I also don’t want the staff to begin to be immediately interested only about solutions of conflicts and not about their work. But I want to highlight minuses in dealing with conflict situations and the lack of attention to conflicts.


I proved, in my project, that workers in the farms are not trained to deal with these problems as in small businesses. This is the reason why I have developed various charts and tables and I tried to find out where the mistakes are and how they can be addressed. I carefully processed these findings and I proposed solutions in a way that not only managers but also the staff is to improve their behavior in a particular conflict situation. They know the solution methods and thus contribute to a better working atmosphere and better performance. We must understand that conflicts affect our work performance.



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(lenka, 21. 9. 2010 12:14)

ahoj, prosim ta, mohla by si mi poslat na seba nejaky kontakt, mam na teba par otazok..dakujem..